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Erin Lee Daniels Romance




Marlee’s career is about to take off when her design firm lands a lucrative contract with billionaire hotelier Marc Ross. But when she discovers that her new, mysterious lover turns out to be the boss will Marlee lose everything, including her heart?

Billionaire property developer Marc Ross is used to getting what he wants and he wants Marlee Winters. Caring, quirky and confident, she is nothing like the spoiled heiresses and supermodels he is used to loving and leaving. Convinced he has at least 4.6 billion reasons to hide his identity, Marc is determined to see if Marlee can love him for who he really is. But a vindictive ex and an epic snowstorm threaten a future Marc didn’t even know he wanted until Marlee showed up in his life.

Will deception be the deal-breaker or is happily ever after written in the fine print?


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